BOOK RELEASE – Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking: NO MORE POOR WI-FI

SAN FRANCISCOJan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ajay Malik, former Head of Architecture & Engineering, Corporate Network at Google and author of bestseller book RTLS for Dummies‘, announced today the upcoming release of ‘Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking.’  Today, it could be argued that Maslow’s perception of what constituted basic physical needs has been surpassed by something even more fundamental – Wi-Fi.  Many devices today do not even have a wired option.  Users need high-quality, consistent and secure wireless connectivity to do their jobs and live their everyday lives. When Wi-Fi isn’t working, it isn’t just internal employees who are affected. Students can’t do research, shoppers can’t purchase goods, clinicians can’t treat patients, consumers can’t watch Netflix or YouTube. Poor Wi-Fi is no longer an inconvenience; it means lost customers, reduced productivity, degraded experiences, lost revenue and brand damage.

Wi-Fi is available from all major vendors such as CiscoGoogleHPEExtreme NetworksNetgearRuckus today.  And yet, even after years of evolution and constant innovation, “Wireless networks today require a great deal of manual effort and time to support,” said Aglaia Kong, CTO, Corporate Network at Google “There is a need for an autonomic wireless management system that “watches” the network, “understands” normal functioning, “analyzes” real-time performance against norms and then “acts” to automatically solve known problems.”  Artificial Intelligence has now graduated from science fiction to reality. Cheap computer processing power, GPUs, hardware accelerator ASICs have made it real.  “I have no doubt that future Wi-Fi networks will be completely dominated by AI,” said Malik. “Through this book, I introduce various theories and subfields of AI.  It is my humble attempt to equip you with the practical experience and understanding to assist in designing, building and running an AI-enabled Wi-Fi network.”

This book is useful for anyone who wants to learn about AI or is looking to solve problems in the field of wireless networking.  Network administrators,  Wi-Fi Product Developers, Service Providers,  Networking students, AI researchers, and innovators will find this book useful in their respective areas of interest. “AI has the potential to transform a wireless network into an intelligent network that learns from its immediate environment and adapts to render a reliable experience,” said Sujai Hajela, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Mist Systems.  “Malik explains various artificial intelligence techniques through storytelling and explanation in a way that’s both fun and gripping.”

Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking’ includes sections on:

  • Fundamentals of AI
  • User Experience Intelligence
  • Automated Wireless Network Operation
  • Active Security Protection
  • Implementing AI in your Network

Although no one can predict what the future might hold, AI is blurring the lines between science fiction and scientific reality.  This book delves into the possibilities of using brain-waves to fine tune the Wi-Fi performance to user’s psychological expectations.  The examples in this book will leave your grey cells tickled, building your ability to think the AI-way!

Often, AI is viewed as a potential threat to human jobs. To tackle this uncomfortable zone, Malik addresses possible collaboration options with various AI Systems and the skills that will keep you relevant and in demand.  This book will inspire, educate, and challenge you to use artificial intelligence not just for wireless networks but well beyond.

The book will be released in April 2018 and is available for pre-order at  Please use COUPON CODE: PREORDERAI to get 25% off list price.

For more information, or to request a review copy, contact Ajay Malik at or (408) 203-5641 or