Executive Workshops

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Executive Workshops

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Artificial intelligence is no longer solely the purview of highly credentialed lab directors and deep-thinking computer scientists. It has entered mainstream consciousness.  Chances are that you are not prepared for this new world in the making.

While taking part in a CES panel on A.I., Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg went so far as to contend that the mastery of machine learning/cognitive computing/A.I. has “become crucial for the development of countries.  Then there’s Michael Froomkin, the Laurie Silvers & Mitchell Rubenstein distinguished professor of law at the University of Miami School of Law, who concluded the WeRobot 2016 Conference by observing that “the social importance of what we are talking about is getting exponentially big.”

In short, there is ample reason to learn A.I.  And, it is complex stuff so it is hard to make time for it.  We are a team of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Networking enthusiasts who have decided to make this learning prevalent.  We have designed these courses in such a way that you can learn a lot in short time, in easy manner.