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About Us

Our mission, approach & team

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Our Mission

Developing and strengthening the collective talent of people

We are a unique research and education company with a mission to develop and strengthen the collective talent of people.  We accelerate your performance from the boardroom to the laboratory so that you can accelerate the process of discovery, development, and commercialization.
Our primary focus areas are artificial intelligence & quantum computing.

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The technology pendulum is shifting very fast.  What was science fiction 25 years back is realty today. To succeed in current times your team needs the confidence and competence necessary to do their jobs at an exceptional level.
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Our Approach

Our executive workshops are one-of-a-kind. We don’t do generic or boring and we wouldn’t dream of wasting your time. Our programs are engaging and relevant to the work that you do. We do our homework and come prepared. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with our understanding of the companies with whom we work, is the foundation for the tremendous outcomes we deliver.
Our high-touch, people-driven approach to learning enables you to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-world business settings.
We are committed to being exceptional partners for our clients, offering them the support necessary to realize their purpose and potential. It is by doing so that we realize our own.

Business, learning, and life are meant to be fun. We never forget that.

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About Ajay

Former Head of Architecture/Engineering of Worldwide Corporate Network at Google, Ajay is a technologist, business futurist, & prolific inventor with about 90 patents pending/issued specializing in artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi networking, Quantum computing, and Real Time Location.  He is author of “RTLS for Dummies”, “Augmented Reality for Dummies” & “Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking”.

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Ajay Malik is currently CEO & Founder of Oro Networks, a company that is using AI to make a network think for itself.  At Google, Ajay was head of architecture and engineering for the worldwide corporate network. Prior to Google, Ajay was senior vice president of engineering and products at Meru Networks where he led the transformation of the company’s technology resulting in its acquisition by Fortinet. Ajay has also held executive leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Motorola. He completed B.E in Computer Science & Technology from IIT, Roorkee, India, one of the premier institutes of India.