ITX 2017, May 15 – 19, 2017, Las Vegas, USA

It’s Time to Let Machines Take Over the WiFi Network

Traditionally, Wi-Fi network performance has been rules-based – humans were required to command systems to optimize the network. But Google executive Ajay Malik will explain that Wi-Fi networks are about to experience a major transformation to AI-enablement. These networks will optimize themselves. Over the past few years, Wi-Fi has moved from a nascent technology to one that is core enabler of the digital user experience. There is now a need for an autonomic wireless management system that “watches” the network, “understands” normal functioning, “analyzes” real-time performance against norms, and then “acts” to automatically solve known problems. This is where machine learning and artificial intelligence comes in. In this session, you’ll learn what the AI-enabled Wi-Fi network of (the very near) future will look like, and how AI will help in delivering richer and differentiated user experiences, security, and more.